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Reviewed on: September 21st 2009 by James B.
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It's obvious from the start that this is a Japanese porn collection, and things really don't get any more specific than that in terms of the theme here. The action you'll see encompasses all kinds of hardcore acts and sometimes throws a bit of fantasy role-play into the mix. I saw horny female teachers sucking their younger male students, nurses fucking patients, and waitresses getting busy with customers. In addition to one-on-one straight sex, there are also threesomes, mixed group scenes, and even some lesbian play. Many of these videos have dialogue, and it's all in Japanese without subtitles.

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The Good & The Bad

  • Weekly updates.
  • No censored videos.
  • Lots of bonus material.
  • video quality isnt super.
  • Navigation and search options should be improved.
  • Content is not exclusive.

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Though there's quite a bit of variation here, you can't search or sort the Japanese porn collection specifically so it can be a bit difficult to find something in particular. The very basic navigation relies on a drop-down menu with categories like big boobs, dildo, and facials, but clicking one of these categories does not take you to matching materials from Nip Porn only, but rather from the entire network of over 60 bonus sites. It's better than not being able to search at all, but frankly it's not nearly as helpful as it should be.

Nip Porn is a video-only collection that offers around 170 scenes so far with a new release coming once per week. The site advertises these as exclusive and I'm pretty inclined to believe it, but I do think there's a chance that at least some of these come from Japanese DVD releases. What sets these apart is the lack of censorship. The blurry spots and pixelization you are used to seeing in Japanese porn is simply not here and you can see everything clearly.

Video Formats

Nip Porn offers Flash format streaming at 512 x 384 pixels, or you can choose to download the flick in WMV or MPEG format at 640 x 480 pixels, 1300 kbps. There's actually quite a bit of variation from video to video in terms of quality. Some are quite clear, well lit, and have realistic colors. Others can be blurry, discolored, grainy, or too dark. Although the site does not offer any photo materials except that provided by included bonus sites, each flick does come with a set of screen capture images.


I don't think that's Nip Porn is in the running to take over the top spot in the Japanese porn category anytime soon, but this exclusive collection does offer authentic and uncensored porn filmed in Japan and starring Japanese performers. The bonus package is one of the largest I've ever seen and certainly adds some value, so while this isn't my favorite Japanese smut site I can

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